Yo Yo flower tie back


One of my great friends just had a sweet baby girl, and I wanted to make a vintage looking tie back for her newborn photos. When I think of vintage I think floral fabric, and those cute little yo yo flowers. I gathered some scraps of quilt type woven fabric (although I am sure any would do), and found a small circle template (apple cider cap). I wanted these to be quite tiny, something that would work for a newborn and not be too distracting.


  • Cotton-Lycra blend knit fabric (T- shirt type with good stretch)
  • Scraps of Cotton Woven (quilt fabric)
  • Needle (pretty much any would work)
  • Thread (heavy weight regular thread)
  • Buttons or other embellishments

After cutting 3 circles out of my woven scraps (using my apple cider cap as template), I hand stitched around perimeter of circle using 1/8″ stitch staying as close to edge as possible. Leave long tails as these will be used to add button and sew onto headband later.  I used contrasting thread for pictures, but one that blends with fabric would be better! I tried to end my last stitch to be about the same 1/8″ from my starting point.


I then pulled both ends tight with care not to break thread, and finger moulded the flower to the desired shape finishing with a double knot.

Repeat x 3 (or as many flowers as you desire).

I inherited my grandma’s button tin ❤ ❤ <3, and decided these vintage buttons would make the perfect embellishment. I also chose great cotton/ lycra knit fabric, for a nice comfy tieback.

I cut my fabric  into a 1 1/4″ strip with greatest amount of stretch widthwise. I made mine 21″ long and that is big enough for my three year old as well. After I cut my tie back I gave it a little pull, and that makes the edges curl over.

With the needle still attached after tying the double knot, I added the button and secured it with a couple stitches through the back side of the yo yo. I ended with the thread on the back of the yo yo and then through the middle of the tie back. Once through the tie back I threaded the needle onto the other thread tail and stitched it through the button to the backside and through the tie back. This left both tails on the backside of the tieback. I finished it with a couple double knots.

{This is meant as a prop for photography, if I was using it for heavier wear. I would probably add a few extra stitches and maybe some glue for more security! }



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